SAMES KREMLIN different size pump ranges dispense product to a large range of paint spray guns, Our range includes all technologies for any paint production jobs (Airspray/HVLP paint guns, Airmix or Air assisted airless paint sprayers, Airless gun). We also supply all pump accessories and tools to apply paint in the most efficient way. Our range - dedicated to the industrial finishing production industry includes also spray pumps kits fitted with spray guns, hoses, especially for our powder range. Our equipment are designed for any industrial professional application projects, from the automotive to the wood markets.

Our equipment pump range features both metal, aluminum and stainless steel construction to dispense fuid products such as coatings (top coats, primers, varnishes, stains....)  powder or pasty products for any kind of production applications rates.

The air motor size of our pump will determine the air pressure ratio and the type of spraying, Low pressure and HVLP, Airmix (also called AAA for air assisted airless) or Airles.

SAMES KREMLIN has developed an innovative patented pump technology called Flowmax.

We offer different size of air motor and fluid sections. Our equipment range meets any type of production for every market (metal, wood, plastic, railways, cosmetic, cosmetic packaging,...)

All our pumps are equipped with a pneumatic motor (for power) and a ball hydraulic (driven part).  The majority of our pumps are double acting pumps.

Diaphragm pumps:

  • This pumping technology is a pneumatic pump used for delivering low pressure.
  • Diaphragm pump technology (also known as a Membrane pump) is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of reciprocating action of a teflon diaphragm and suitable valves on either side of the diaphragm (check valve, butterfly valves, flap valves, or any other form of shut-off valves) to pump a fluid.

Flowmax® patented technology:

  • Flowmax  gives the customer total reliability when processing high solids, abrasives, UV, pre-catalized, water-based paints & hardeners containing isocyanate. The Flowmax® technology guarantees a perfect seal to ensure a leakproof pump.
  • Flowmax® Bellow Technology is a patented SAMES KREMLIN design with an improved piston life. Pumps equipped with Flowmax®  substantially outlast traditional pump designs with normal sealing. In addition, Flowmax® has been adapted to our guns for an unrivaled reliability. 

Type R range pumps:

Lubricant circulating pumps are known under the 'R' range at SAMES KREMLIN.  This pumps includes state-of-the-art technologies :

  • Flowmax® Bellow technology (closed conception) insuring high reliability (up to 10 million of cycle with maintenance)An innovative concept of lubricant re-circulation allowing active piston flushing while operating and visual checking of the potential leak
  • Fluid section interchangeable because they are very quickly divorceable with engines